FOH runs a community school for over 400 children, from the 1st grade to 7th grade. All of the children who attend are classed as vulnerable, i.e. from a family situation of poverty, orphaned, broken family etc.

No fees are charged, and the children are not required to provide uniforms, books or pencils. There is nothing to stop any child being able to attend.

Many of the children who attend, if they weren’t here, would end up back on the streets, so the schooling is a prevention programme.

Because of this desire to make the school open to ALL, help with funding is always welcome

The children are taught in all the standard subjects, following the Zambian government curriculum.

A library was built for the school by the Lubuto Foundation from Washington DC.  They put up three buildings, one is the reading room, one the Art room and the third is an open recreation area.


A small IT classroom was built this year by members of a Misison Direct team, so giving the children new skills.

The school also has its own Gospel choir and a drama group. This is a new initiative, which hopefully will be a blessing to both the children and the local community, once they start doing performances.