FOH Garden - FOH previously had to buy in all its food, which is expensive. The idea came to start a garden area, and try to grow some of our own vegatables.

Visitors from the UK, Pauline Kimber, Chris and Heather Hubert suggested starting a garden, and provided sourced, resourced and purchased all equipment for the garden.

The garden was started in July this year and already has made the centre self sufficient in vegetables. In fact some are even being sold to raise funds. Due to building possibilities in 2012, the garden may well be changed slightly, but in the longer term, it’s hoped to do all of this on a bigger scale at the farm (See below)



IT / Cyber Cafe – A team from Re-wired/Mission Direct installed six computers for the school children to learn new skills on in October 2011. A cyber cafe was also built to help raise revenue for the centre.



Chickens – Funds from Mission Direct volunteers, plus funds collected by Pauline, Chris and Heather all went towards building a chicken house in November 2011. One hundred two day old chickens were installed, and are growing well, ready to be sold in the New Year, and again bring valuable revenue into the centre.



New Kitchen – Team 5 from Mission Directs campaign in 2011 felt moved to re-decorate the FOH Kitchen, purchasing a new stove and re-wiring the whole area. Now instead of cooking on a charcoal outdoor fire, the luxury of an electric stove has transformed the meal times.


Dormitory – Plans are being drawn up to build a new dormitory for the resident children in 2012. This will enable the children to have more privacy, more space to do their laundry, and just be more comfortable in the centre.



Farming – In 2010 the centre was blessed by the gift of a large parcel of land, approximately 2 hours drive from Lusaka. This is land which has not been cultivated for many years, but has great potential to be run as a farm to produce food for the FOH, and extra income to help it run. Unfortunately this has yet to be started. Ideally it needs a farm manager, perhaps a volunteer from the UK, to get the project off the ground and help bring in the right equipment. This is a major project but one which could be of great benefit to the centre. In the long term it could be a project that some of the children are able to learn new skills from, have camping trips there, and even live there, once accommodation is built.