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Chris and I returned to the Fountain of Hope on 3rd November, around ten weeks after our previous visit.  We were very encouraged to witness a more cohesive and upbeat team of staff.

The garden was flourishing and it was great to hear that the boys and staff had been benefitting from eating fresh vegetables as relish and earning some income from sales to people outside the centre.

We had prepared for a few new projects but particularly wanted to spend a lot more time with the boys during this three week trip.

We were eager to see how the internet cafe had developed and how the children were enjoying the opportunity to learn computer skills.


Arthur was confident and competent in his roll as manager of IT. But there were a few teething troubles and he was glad of our input to help smooth things out and to get the ball rolling as far as the children were concerned. Re-Wired had done a great job of installing all the computers and it is certainly a great asset to the Fountain of Hope.



The building of a chicken house ended up being one of our main projects, some money had been raised by Mission Direct, but when working out the reality of building a large and solid construction to house between 100 and 200 chickens, proved to be a lot more expensive than had first been anticipated. Newton had done a great job advising us of all that was needed, but we had to downsize the project to meet the funds available. We still found ourselves using half of the funds, around £600 that we had brought with us to complete the building. The £300 that had been given then went for the buying of chicks, the feeding equipment, plus the feed needed for the 6 weeks along the vaccinations.  The construction was completed within a week, but due to popular demand for chicks during this time for the Christmas season, there was a waiting list and so the chicks eventually arrived on the 8th December, after we had returned to England.

This venture is yet another new project for the Fountain of Hope and we believe it will be an excellent way of earning money and making the organisation a more sustainable one.

Vasco and Kenny continued to outreach to the boys on the street and work very hard at the Fountain of Hope centre to make a real impact on the boy’s lives as they showed love, care and concern for each child through the programmes they run.  During our stay they worked with the Salvation Army to impart their knowledge and wisdom on how to work with boys on the street. Along with Catherine and Vincent they put together a week of seminars and practical experience for the members of the Salvation Army interested in this ministry.

We enjoyed our outings to the ‘Jesus is Life’ church with the boys each Sunday and were made very welcome by the church leaders. We were very blessed by their prayers and acceptance of us and our association with the Fountain of Hope.  We also enjoyed the early morning sharing of Bible verses and prayers led by the boys, followed by breakfast, it was a very special time for us!

Chris and I felt led by the Spirit to minister to some of the members of staff and to the boys, to share more God’s Love for them and God’s amazing plan for their lives.  This was a very special and blessed time.

Chris did some more coaching with the Fountain of Hope Football team, who were now top of their league and with only two games left were going to be the winners!

I worked with the women on a new knitting project. We made knitted flowers and added brooch pins. I then brought these back with me to the U.K. to sell along with the scarves and hats made during the previous two months.

We also found ourselves helping out with administration tasks to help support Catherine the acting Executive Director and also Vincent who was doing a great job of supporting Catherine in this role. Together they are making a difference and have a great heart for moving the Fountain of Hope forward into what we all believe will be a more prosperous New Year!

We look forward to going back in the very near future and working with them all again. Meanwhile we are actively working in the background and aiming to find new avenues of sponsorship.


Heather & Chris Hubert.