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This Summer Chris, Heather and Pauline travelled from the UK to work with The Fountain of Hope for five weeks during July/August. We had been deeply impacted by what we had all seen the previous year when we visit there with Mission Direct.


During our time here, we were able to review many business operations and practices, set up an academy style soccer course for the boys, run sewing and knitting projects for the women, provide business advice and practical support, along with financial support for various projects.

The view was to empower the Fountain of Hope to become self sustaining in new areas




The aim of the course was to offer Football academy style training and skills with emphasis on team building, self esteem improvement, trust and pedagogic development to empower resident trainers and football coaches. The young boys were extremely enthusiastic through the whole course and really adhered to all specifications about punctuality, attendance and discipline.

The boys can be seen below receiving their awards for player commitment and improvement. All of those who completed the four week course successfully received a certificate.






Women’s  Programme

Two sewing machines, one electric and one manual were brought over along with materials to enable the teaching of some basic sewing skills that then led to the making of bags as a first project. Knitting needles and wool were also brought to enable the women to learn knitting skills and to then make scarves and hats as a second or alternative programme for the ladies to choose.  Both projects were well attended and the women were keen and enthusiastic participants. Heather enjoyed very much this opportunity to impart her knowledge and skills.

The women were then provided with more materials for both projects to enable them to continue making items for sale.  These goods will then be sold in Zambia and at a later date in England also!

The aim is to give an opportunity for the women to make money, as they will be given a percentage of the retail price. A percentage of money will also go to replacing  materials, and the rest for the F.O.H.


Pauline proved invaluable with regard to fund raising, putting in to place administrative procedures such as specifications, profile forms standard letters and the like.

She was also involved with planning stages, games activities, mentoring and in general being a mum to the boys.






Mentoring the boys to understand God’s purpose for their lives was a regular and enjoyable activity



We empowered a young man to champion the cause of developing a garden project. This was to provide them with their own vegetables for eating and sale. We provided the tools, seedlings and fertilizers for the task and he formed a team to make it happen. See the before and after; nine weeks later on our return. Delicious!











Heather decided to reward Vasco for his devotion to the boys. We decided that if he was to live on the premises 24/7 he should at least have a reasonable accommodation. Here we see him at the handover stage. Notice the ecstasy at seeing we had provided Manchester United curtains and bedspread.

You would never guess he was a fan!